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Lost Days
Reflections on the Great Work of Life and Death
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1st-Oct-2008 07:23 pm - Journal Gems: Getting To Know You
Neck Tattoo
Theme: Getting To Know You

1. Do you like your name?

Yes. My dad chose my first name (and the nickname derivation), my middle name is the same as my mom's, and I chose to take my husband's last name. (And my dharma name was given to me by my Zen Master.)

2. What is your current living status?

Condo three blocks from the beach.

3. Your favourite thing to do is?

Right now, it's sleep! I'm ungodly busy with freelance writing projects. Beats being unemployed, however.

4. Is your outlook an optimistic or pessimistic one?

It varies quite a bit, actually. Currently, I'm in a largely optimistic phase.

5. Are you a strong person either mentally or physically?

I'm very tough mentally, and completely out of shape physically.

6. What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their eyes.

7. What do you think is your best trait?

Empathy. I have far more of this now than even just a few years ago.
5th-Aug-2008 07:22 am - Spam Haiku
Neck Tattoo
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Take Charge of your life and get out of debt.
13th-Jul-2008 04:30 pm - Spam Haiku
Neck Tattoo
Clean your colon
you could find a great relationship today
at Kaplan University
20th-Jun-2008 02:04 pm - Present Moment Haiku
Neck Tattoo
Bright orange-robed pair.
"Bad karma to bark at monks,"
I warn my good dogs.
10th-Jun-2008 09:35 pm - Quote du Jour
Neck Tattoo
"Once you've been burned by milk, every time you see a cow, you cry."

-Argentinian saying

Alas, I see a lot of my own over-reacting in that quote. At least I see it...
31st-May-2008 11:31 pm - Saturday, in the Park
Neck Tattoo
Today M and I went to a festival downtown, near where we live. The college where I teach had a tent set up, and our massage students had a line for chair massages. We saw some of my colleagues, including my boss, and three of my students. I got to meet one of my student's two children, which was very cool.

At one of the booths, I made a contact who will come speak at the college about hate crimes. I definitely want her to address my legal assisting students, but we may have an assembly and get the whole campus in on it.

We wandered around and listened to some great blues, which made me homesick for Texas in a pleasant way. The weather was perfect: not too hot, not too cold, a slight breeze coming in off the ocean. We took the motorcycle, so I was running around in my mesh jacket, helmet hair, no makeup, oh, and a much larger piece of jewelry in the side of my nose than I wear to work... now my students think I'm really cool! *lol*
21st-May-2008 08:02 pm - California Same Sex Marriage, Redux
Neck Tattoo
George Takei planning to marry longtime partner

LOS ANGELES (AP) - George Takei said he will wed his longtime partner and business manager, Brad Altman, now that the California Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage.

Takei, the original Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek," said on his Web site that he and Altman have shared their lives for more than 21 years and are "overjoyed" to be able to legally marry.

"No more 'separate but equal.' No more second-class citizenship," wrote Takei, 71. "Brad and I are going to be married as full citizens of our state."

Takei, who also had a recurring role on NBC's "Heroes" last year, said he and Altman are planning the details of their wedding.
19th-May-2008 10:10 pm - California Same Sex Marriage
Neck Tattoo
Since I don’t have time for the next two weeks to give this subject the attention it deserves, I will defer to Michael C. Dorf’s op-ed piece on FindLaw: The California Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: What it Says, What it Means, and Why It’s Right.

A few tidbits:

"[T]he California Supreme Court ruled that sexual orientation is a “suspect classification” like race or sex—the sort of government classification that is presumptively invalid because it so often relies on stereotypes about people who, as a group, have long been the victims of discrimination."

This is “big doin’s” in Equal Protection parlance. It means that it just became harder to justify legislation that disadvantages people based on their sexual orientation. Of course, this will only last until the voters of my state decide to amend our state constitution - which requires merely a simple majority. I’ll give Prof. Dorf the last word:

"Should the voters of California respond by overriding the decision by ballot initiative, that will not in any way prove that the Court erred. It will show only that the voters have sullied the noble principle of equality with an exception rooted in prejudice."
14th-May-2008 08:13 pm - Sounds of Spring
Neck Tattoo
Dog claws click on cement. Traffic drones softly at the end of the block, a distant swarm. A church carillon chimes "Ode to Joy," and neighbors chat softly, their smiles audible as they return home at the end of the day. Birds sing as only birds can. Children play quietly, and not so quietly, in small clusters up and down the street.

Three thousand miles away, my mother's phone rings. "Hello, sweet girl!"
8th-May-2008 10:10 pm - Sound Bite
Neck Tattoo
I was telling M today how I was not going to be as close to one of my casual friends because she's become a drama queen.

Me: "She's completely self-absorbed."

M: "I'm sorry, were you saying something?"

Me: "I'm blogging this."

Thank god we have the same, dry sense of humor. ;)
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